10 Ways to Improve your Curb Appeal

10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal

1. Replace the Old Hardware

Many people do not think about house numbers, door handles, locks, or mailboxes when they think about upgrading their curb appeal.  This is a great spot to start to help spruce up your home’s look.  If any of these are out of date or not cohesive, it can be an eyesore.  When replacing the hardware, try and find a collective theme that ties them all together.

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2. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in your overall curb appeal. Not only does lighting help your curb appeal, but it also can bring a feeling of comfort and safety.  According to  Trenton Light and Water Company study, in D.C. there was a 44% decrease in burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after installing outdoor lighting.  Lighting fixtures can add some nice accent lighting to different trees, paths, or lawn ornaments.

3.  Do a Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox made overMailbox look a little rusty, stale or out of date?  Mailboxes are one of the first things people see when they see your home.  Why not make it nice?

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4. Install Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to bring or tie in new colors and greenery.  Not only do they look great, but they are also easy to install.  Window boxes come in different styles, sizes and shapes.  You can choose a nicely painted wood style to bring or a more cottage look, or an iron for a more traditional style of decor.

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5. Renew Planter Beds

Planter beds can be a great addition for added curb appeal.  Unkempt planter beds can be an eyesore.  Get them looking fresh by pulling weeds, pruning growth, planting new flowers, and adding new mulch to help the plants grow and stay fresh.  If you have wood around the beds, consider putting on a fresh new coat of paint to tie in the colors of the home.  Maybe even consider upgrading to stone or bricks to help elevate the look.

6. Add Outdoor Art

There are many forms of outdoor art that can help add curb appeal to your home.  Choosing the perfect bird bath to compliment the tree and plant life in your yard, or a nice wind chime to hang on your front porch can be just the right touch.  Adding a functioning water feature can bring soothing sounds, make a hot day feel cooler, and bring a more elegant look to the yard.

7. Add Shutters or Accent Trim

Adding shutters can bring a fresh and new look to your home.  The different choices of material and style make the choices limitless for a homeowner. They can really make a home pop if you make the right selection.  Shutters and trim add a welcome layer of beauty to a home.  Shutters also can provide an additional layer of security!

8. Replace Gutters

Gutters can be easily forgotten, but can really stand out like a sore thumb.  If your home has an older gutter system it may be time to look into changing out the gutters.  Newer gutters are made of vinyl, and have snap together fittings, making them easy to install and relatively inexpensive.   You can also choose to spend a bit more a go with a rustic copper look that looks fantastic with brick pillars.

9. Dress up the Front Door

Your front door is a focal point of your curb appeal.  Why not have it stand out?  Install a custom wood door and paint it a bold color to have it stand out!  Make sure the area is clean and debris free, as your entry reflects the home’s interior for guests who visit the home. A wreath is a great finishing touch to the home.

10.  Create an instant garden

Container gardens are a great way to bring a feeling of welcome and comfort to a home quickly and affordably.  You can purchase ready-made instant gardens, or with a little time and effort, can make your own with your favorite plants.  Not only does it add a great look to a yard, but also makes a fun hobby for the family!

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