Teachers and School Employees Down Payment Assistance

Buying a home can be a challenging task. The first step is trying to save up for a down payment for the house. For most mortgages, you will need at least 3.5% of the purchase price for the down payment. The average sales price in the A.V. is right around $300,000. So you will need $10,500 just for your down payment. Saving up for a down payment can be a challenge for most people.
Teachers and School Employees I have some excellent news for you! There is a new program that will help you get into a home with a zero down payment and almost nothing out of pocket! That’s right; you may be able to purchase your own home for cheaper than it would cost to rent!

How Does it Work

With this CalHFA Loan, you can get up to 4% of the purchase price as an assistance loan for the down payment and closing cost. This means you will take out a junior-loan for the down payment. This junior-loan will have deferred payments and only becomes due when once you sell, refinance the home or pay off the mortgage. You are essentially buying the house with the future equity it will accrue.

How Much are the Rates

Interest rates will always vary per individual depending on credit score. Interest rates for this program are lower than FHA loans. This is a historically low rate. Do not delay because this interest rate will not last!

How Do I Qualify?

Simple. Click HERE and fill out the form. We will call you and see how we can assist you with your home buying needs and see if this program works for you!



  1. Hi. I was looking at your information. I don’t see the minimum FICO score for this. I was told when I started looking at homes that the minimum was 620 for assistance like this. Do you happen to have a little more information regarding this? Please let me know! Thank you.

    1. Hey Guisel. I believe you spoke with Rob on the phone. But this is a great question I wanted to answer if others have a similar question. There is a minimum credit score of 640 for this program. Many people get discouraged by this, but the fact is, most people credit is better than they realize and can be bumped relatively quickly if they have had issues in the past. Rob (lender with Click Mortgage) can put your information into a program and let you know the quickest ways to bump your score. It is best to call, see where you are at, and let us help you get you where you need to be! Thanks!

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