Market Update

Enjoy this Antelope Valley Real Estate Market Report for this month. You can also do a home search and save your favorite properties. Set up a search and be alerted as soon as a matching property hits our database. It’s Exclusive.
Antelope Valley Real Estate Market Report- April

A Look at the Housing Numbers

The average sales price in the Antelope Valley has now eclipsed the $300,000 mark. The average sales price in the Antelope Valley fro April was 304,860. Last year in April, the average sales price was $281,568. We are up 8.27% YoY. So far for the year, the average sales price is up 12.80%. This boost to home prices is an unprecedented amount. More and more people are taking advantage of their equity to either move up, down or out of town! If you are curious to see what your home may sell for, please click HERE to see the value of your home in 15 seconds!

According to GAVAR (Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors), the A.V. had 500 sales for April. We sold a few more homes this April than the previous year. Last April, we had 438 homes sold. We continue to see fewer homes on the market at the entry level price point and more and more at the $300,000 plus range. 136 homes sold at the $300-$400 price range and we only had 62 sell for less than $200,000.

The Absorption Rate, in months chart, shows how long the current inventory of properties would last at the current rate of sales. If no new properties were added to the market, and sales continued at a steady pace, the Absorption rate indicates the number of months required to sell all the properties on the market. The Antelope Valley currently has an absorption rate of 2.3. We have a low supply and high demand in our real estate market. The absorption rate has stayed between 2 and 3 months supply all year. The low demand is one of the leading contributing forces that are pushing the market prices up.



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What Does this Data Mean?

Home prices have been steadily increasing for the past ten years. We are starting to see prices jump at a more rapid pace the last few months. A significant contributor to this is insufficient supply. A home hitting the market that is priced correctly will see multiple offers in the first few days. As long as the market continues to lack inventory, we will continue to see prices climb and homes selling quickly.

There has been some chatter amongst the Feds about raising interest rates. They have already increased the interest rates a few times over the past few months. The current Fed fund rate is 1.75 percent. It is still at a historic low, but it will continue to go up as the economy continue to recover.

If the Feds decide to hike the rate quickly, we could see a quick shift in the market. Higher interest rates make buying power go down and puts fewer people in the market. We will see a shift in the market. How long until it happens? It is impossible to say but what comes up must come down.


What Does this Mean if you want to Buy a House in the Antelope Valley?

Buying a home in this market is absolutely doable.  Even though Interest rates have gone up a bit over the past few months they still are at an all-time low and may never be this low again.  If you are considering buying a home, talk to me right away.  You do not want to delay and let interest rates climb anymore.  Get preapproved now to start looking for your dream home!

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Sellers Outlook

It is a seller’s market.  The easiest indication of what type of market it is is the absorption rate.  A six month supply will indicate an even market.  Anything over will indicate a buyer’s market, and anything lower will indicate a seller’s market.  We are currently at a 2.3 months supply of homes which shows that it is a strong seller’s market.  Thinking of selling a home but not sure what to expect?  Click HERE for a comprehensive guide to selling a home.

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